Boating is easier with a virtual assistant

 YMS uses cutting-edge technology to coordinate boat maintenance services and provides a customer portal that allows the yacht owner to schedule service providers, pay invoices, and manage important vessel documents.

Get back hours of time each week with a virtual assistant

Various plans to manage your vessel.

YMS virtual assistants specialized yacht maintenance.

How Yacht Management Services Program works?

Do you need an experienced virtual assistant?

YMS Virtual Assistants are your best ally in the fight against yacht management. Get peace of mind that comes from knowing your boat is well managed, on time, and on budget with a virtual assistant.

Calendar Management

Event Planning

Expenses & Invoices

Social Media Management

Content Management

Website Maintenance

Document Management

Yacht Business Solution

Get your vessel hands-free.

With our experienced account managers and a full-time team of consultants, we’re here to take care of all your boat’s needs. Our customer portal tool allows you to manage important documents, pay invoices, and schedule service providers without having to worry about anything.

Get peace of mind.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose with a YMS virtual assistant. Let us do the work while you enjoy your yacht, relax, or go on vacation. With our customer portal tool and automation software, you can manage important documents, pay invoices and schedule service providers—all from one place.

Take care of your boat from the safety of your own home.

With the YMS virtual assistant service, take care of your boat from the safety of your own home. Schedule appointments, manage invoices, and store important documents without having to leave your desk. Save time and money with peace-of-mind that comes with using a dedicated portal for these tasks.

Dedicated virtual assistant.

Upgrade or downgrade anytime.

Trained yacht management virtual assistants.

Organized & reliable virtual assistants

Go From...

Yacht management nightmares.

You’re not able to spend time where you should because you are bogged down with tasks like daily yacht operations,  hiring, making phone calls with service providers, managing your inbox, planning and attending meetings.

Streamlined boat maintenance.

At YMS, we believe in a system that helps you streamline your boat management so you can enjoy the water without worrying about it. Schedule and enjoy peace of mind with YMS virtual assistants.

Let's find your Virtual assistant.

Yacht Management Services consultants
are here to help.

Whether you’re a new owner or have been sailing for years, YMS can take care of all your needs with our online customer portal.

Virtual Assistant FAQs

If you’ve never had a personal assistant or virtual assistant before, you probably have a lot of questions. Here are the most common questions people ask us when looking for virtual assistant services.

How many hours a week will I save?

With a virtual assistant from YMS, you can save anywhere 5 to 15 hours per week. You’ll save even more time than your assistant clocks-in because they are so experienced in administrative support and can typically handle them faster than you can.

What’s the first thing to outsource to my virtual assistant?

Our community (small businesses, executives, founders, middle management, busy parents and the list goes on) usually hand off their inbox and calendar management first because these are sneaky time killers. Once delegated to your virtual assistant, you get time back in your day immediately, and perpetually. But, you can start with whatever task or project is most pressing or distracting.

What tasks do Virtual Assistants perform?

Virtual assistants perform an incredibly wide variety of tasks. Common tasks are things like inbox management, social media management, scheduling of all sorts, bookkeeping and other recordkeeping, price comparisons, product research, and the list goes on – for a more comprehensive list of common tasks – click here and click around on all the “what we do” sections. But, a virtual assistant can also help with less obvious things like supporting a job search by looking for appropriate openings, submitting your resume, sending cover letters, and booking the interview. Let your imagination run wild – Zirtual virtual assistants are creative, flexible, and fast learners and can help anyone from a small business to large companies, and individuals to executives.